Our Directors

The Board of Directors are elected by owners to manage the community and make sure the community documents are adhered to.

Tom Getty, President

Tom Getty

[email protected]   404 808 2762

I am semi retired but do own and manage my insurance business specializing in heavy duty truck fleets called Transport Services Group, LLC.

My career commenced with International Harvester Co. in NYS. Subsequent positions were held at Green Mountain Bank, Stratton Mtn., VT, The Lawrence Insurance Group, Albany, NY and Paccar Financial Corp., Seattle, WA.

My Parents purchased our condo here in Tamarynd at its inception in 1989. While my Partner Karen and dog Sam reside in FL for 6 months, our other time is devoted to Gainesville, GA on Lake Lanier. I have a Daughter and family living in Chappaqua, NY and a Son residing in Durango, CO.

I have enjoyed serving on our Board of Directors and look forward to spending more quality time here in Naples.

Dennis Bruce - Vice President

JP Hanrahan

[email protected]           Tel. 703-901-9444

Donna Santamarina – Treasurer

Kevin Lauck

[email protected]               732-236-5453

My husband Victor and I have been coming to Naples for years, visiting his parents. We loved the Tamarynd community, so in 2017 we purchased our condo. After we both retired, we sold our home in New Jersey and made Tamarynd our permanent home.
I enjoy being outdoors, so this is the perfect place for me. I like to run, bicycle ride, go to the beach, fishing, and relaxing in the pool.
We have three children currently residing in New Jersey, Texas, and Washington, DC. We look forward to having them visit with us.
I look forward to helping out in our community and contributing my talents where I can.

Paula Kazeva - Secretary

Randall Hartline

[email protected]           Tel. 703-901-9444

JP Hanrahan - Director

Randall Hartline
[email protected]  317 457 3100

Randall Hartline - Property Mgr.

Randall Hartline

[email protected]           239 649 5526

  • Over 18 years’ experience in the property management industry including General Management, On-Site
  • Management and Portfolio Management of luxury Condominiums and Homeowners Associations.
  • Proven record of dependability, customer retention, and an honest work ethic.
  • Excellent working relations with Board of Directors, homeowners, vendors and co-workers.
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