What is Florida’s ‘hurricane tax’?

Interesting article provided by Brown & Brown Insurance Brokers in Fort Myers.   What is Florida’s ‘hurricane tax’? By: ALEJANDRO DE LA GARZA In Florida, it won’t just be those with homes and businesses hit by Hurricane Idalia who might be stuck picking up the pieces. Thanks to a broken home insurance market, a particularly bad hurricane could spread financial … Read More

Purchasing Insurance for your Condo

Jeffrey Rembaum, ESQ, wrote an article on 18 October 2022 titled “Purchasing Insurance for your Condominium Unit”.  The article is recreated below.   “Do you think you do not need condominium insurance because your condominium association has it? You would be so very wrong if you do! It has happened more times than I can count—the supply line that feeds the … Read More

Video Doorbells and Security Cameras

Tamarynd Place is a condo community.  The exterior of each building is owned by the Association, not a single Resident.  Any apparatus that is being considered for attachment to the exterior of the Building MUST have an ARC submitted for Approval and Final approval provided prior to installation. Video Doorbells are allowed AFTER submission of an ARC form and approval … Read More