Terms of Owner Registration and Services


Use of the registration form will populate your profile details and allow access to the member only areas of our website. Your Registration will become active once your account is approved by the administrator.

All owners will have access to the member’s page and directory after registration and valid login. However, only owners who have agreed by checking the inclusion box will appear in the directory.  If you do not consent, you will not appear in the directory.

By logging into the website, you agree that you have read and are bound by the Terms and Conditions of Service.  If you do not agree to those Terms and Conditions of Service in their entirety, you you will not be able to access the owner’s pages.

The Board may suspend or terminate your access to the website if you misuse the website.  Misuse includes violation of any Federal, State, or Local law or regulation; trying to gain access to other users accounts within the website; attempting to engage or engaging in fraud or other illegal activity; monitoring or copying any of the material in the website that is not your information; using the website personal identifying information to sell, barter, solicit, or to send non-Board approved messages/emails to other Residents.