Official Association documents via email instead of snail mail

March 28, 2022

Hello Residents:

All official Association documents are being sent to Residents via postal mail today. The expense of making copies, stuffing envelopes and postage expenses is about $500 per mailing. This is an administrative expense and is part of our budget. One of our Residents suggested that a cost savings could be achieved if Residents would agree to electronic delivery (email) of official documents from the Association. Following up on that suggestion, and in consideration of the Florida Statutes governing PII (personal identifying information), Resort Management has drafted a form that allows Residents to select how they wish to receive official documents going forward. Residents need to complete the form and return the form to Resort Management. This form can be found on the website under the tab “Forms” or by clicking Here.

If Residents choose to receive communications via email, future postal mailings will be discontinued, and electronic delivery will be implemented. The benefits of electronic delivery (email) are improved time to receive documents, no worries about forwarding mail, etc. Plus, you have additional time to review the documentation prior to the date a response is required.
The Board is supporting this effort for two (2) reasons. First, there is an environmental impact of consuming paper and disposing of paper. Second, any cost reductions that can be implemented will help to offset some of the inflation that is expected in the future. The Board is asking Residents to seriously consider choosing email as the new method of delivery of all Association official documents (ballots, special member meetings, proxies, amendments, etc.).

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